When intelligent, but bold and dynamic, people find no avenues to get gainfully employed; they take to daytime heists, break-ins, theft of vehicles, and purse or mobile phone snatching. The timid and less initiative embark upon a life-long career of lucrative frauds as white collars. Common frauds prevalent these days are: a call from ‘Cell-fone’ office asking you to collect x-lac rupees that you’re lucky phone number has won in lottery, lucky plot lottery, job offers, bonanza investments, visa abroad, gilt-edged mascots, ad infinitum. Beware! They give you lift in a car, and pick your pocket. 

ATM cards have been cloned; ATM card recipients mugged outside ATM outlets, and even some ATNs blasted to rob cash on trays. 

In Pindi alone, scores of robberies take place in broad daylight. They have a set pattern if you connect dots (police apathy, robber’s ingenuity and alertness). 

Will our government publish pattern of dacoities? Will it give a helpline to gullible citizens to catch criminals in real time? Why not advertise on cable/TV and hold media talks? Tell people how hackers hoodwink gullible people and warp IT to their advantage. 

The FBI provides online help against phishing and other innovative frauds. It is unfortunate that our land of the pure provides no mechanism to catch the fraudulent or alert people about frauds. There is no helpline at hand if you want to report a fraud. 


Rawalpindi, September 21.