KAMALIA-“Illegally gotten wealth through corruption should be taken back from the corrupt. We welcome the steps taken by the NAB against corruption”, stated Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Naib Ameer Sardar Zafar Hussain.

Talking to the media here, Sardar Zafar Hussain said that currently there was taken no action against anyone named in Panama Papers other than Nawaz Sharif. “In this regard, Jamaat-e-Islami has contacted the court for legal action,” he said, adding “Neither investigation nor any arrest has been made against the persons whose names had appeared in Panama Papers except Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan feels ultimately justified by bringing Nawaz Sharif to justice despite knowing everything is not clear.” He called upon the government to get back the looted wealth from the corrupt instead of taking more loans from international monetary institutions. “Instead of borrowing money, the looted wealth should be returned from the thieves. Foreign loans should be cleared to strengthen the economy,” he said.

To a question, he said: “NROs and secret deals have happened in the past. Nawaz Sharif has been given relief by the courts under a specified legal process. It does not seem to be a deal at all.”

He said that the first month performance of the PTI government was non-serious, and suggesting that the PTI leaders should have thought before speaking. “PML-N had destroyed the municipality system. Currently, the entire municipal system is a joke. This system should be changed. Instead of MNA and MPA, local municipality representatives should be given authorities. The wealthy and corrupt will once again have a chance to rise into power through direct election of Tehsil and District Chairman elections. This needs to be revised,” he stated. He urged the people to vote for persons who were capable, had integrity, and of solid character rather than electing wealthy candidates.