Kassak village is situated Eastern of Turbat which is 18 kilometers far away from the city. The populated village has been ignored and left backward in the era of Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, nor he has provided opportunities to the students neither to the villagers who are left in the lurch. The hopeful eyes of the residents became hopeless due to ignorance by the previous government. 

Previously, the former minister from Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) (Mr Zahoor Ahmed Buledai) has approved the construction of a high school in the village. Successfully, he prompted the expectations of the residents by the construction of only school’s buildings, not appointed a single teacher yet and became failed to appoint well-qualified teachers for opening the high session. The failure of teachers appointment made the high session closed from approximately 8 years before. We have another primary school with only three teachers who are failed to cover the all periods yet. 

After the completion of primary education, the students become compelled to travel to Jusak High School which is far from this village and majority of them get disappointed to continue their education who finally leave their education. And majority of the people are stricken by poverty who cannot afford to send their children to the city for education. 

In recent elections, Mr Zahoor again became topper in gaining votes in kassak village where they trust on his leadership and have expectations to develop the village. Now the constructed school buildings need the appointment of teachers for opening the high session and promote its education sector. As winning the victory and coming again in power, we expect for the appointment of teachers for unlocking the closed-doors of school’s classrooms. 


Kassak, September 21.