“The history of America from the Incas to the present must be taught in its smallest detail, even if the Greek Archons go untaught.”

–Jose Marti

For Cubans, Jose Marti is a national hero.


Jose Marti was a Cuban national hero. Though he has something to teach Latino’s everywhere about what Latin America identity means. In his famous work “Nuestra America”, “Our America”, he lays out a groundbreaking and progressive vision of how Latin Americans should see themselves and govern themselves.

Jose Marti prophecy came that with the independence would come increasing US intervention came true in later years. Jose advocated racial equality across Latin America, rejecting the idea of ‘civilisation v. barbarism’ that portrayed the Indigenous and Afro Latinos backward and white presidents and leaders enlightened.

The teachings and works of Jose Marti immensely influenced Fidel Castro. In his remarkable speech, “History Shall Absolve Me”, Fidel made frequent references to the thoughts and ideas of Jose Marti.