With a recent call, Radio Pakistan encountered the jolts of a decision that shook it to the core and brought out its devotees on streets in open attempt to safeguard their habitat. With the notion of leasing the Radio Pakistan’s building and allowing the outsiders to step into its periphery, the fate of Radio Pakistan has been questioned with an intention to rent out it pillars causing an outrage of emotions. The sensitivities of inmates was blazed with a move that propelled the authorities to tentatively issue out a judgment without realizing and calculating the risk associated with such damage.

While the Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry expressed his view of offering the Radio Pakistan HQ for lease and instead utilizing the building to build a Pak Media university, it sensibly raises concerns as to what analysis was done before the decision could be called off as a remedy to calm the disturbance. In order to calm the outburst of scores of individuals and soothe their sentiments, the government back tracked the decision and succumbed to their reservations in response to the violent clashes that were put to display.    

This makes us question the competency of those in power and how naively they can issue out verdicts without estimating the repercussions and evaluating the extent of this charge. Rather it also raises fingers at the authorities who can pass out decisions and revert after objections are thrown at them.

Decisions of such magnitude come after thorough thinking and comprehensive evaluation as they involve the sentiments of thousands who associate the workplace as their first home. The powerful and pro-acclaimed experts must identify the consequences of such decisions before being compelled into the state of reverting their very own decision. We all understand that such adjustments are for the greater good of our country but the damage it does is beyond repair and cannot at any time be neglected as it carries the lifelong legacy since 1947.

Rather than rewarding the minds that value the growth and development of Radio Pakistan and selflessly resort to burning the midnight oil they are being tested for their loyalty and commitment by targeting their primal fears. It must be understood by now that their adherence and staunchness does not permit them to barter their royalties against any trade that would shatter their roots.

My call out to those in force is to think of workarounds that can bolster and nourish the growth of Radio Pakistan and in return allow them to pave paths to match up with millennial needs, without having to demand for an offensive compromise that comes with a backlash. Also, rather than undertaking opportunities that cause bitter feud among sectors, it is rather rationale to look into areas that appeal uplift rather than contractions. The remedial push that is the need of the hour revolves much around building our roots rather than cutting them off.