Head of Security and Justice electoral team Rahmatullah Nabil on Tuesday said that the presidential election has no winner in the first round and the IEC should make preparations for the second round, adding that those who claim victory, are pushing Afghanistan towards crisis.

During his press conference in Kabul Rahmatullah Nabil asked the IEC to separate black and white votes and restore people’s lost confidence.

“In fact, those who claim victory are trying to push the country towards crisis and a firm stance should be taken against them,” said Nabil, adding that he has enough evidence that the ballot boxes were filled in favor of specific candidate and the problems on the voter list were intentional.

According to him, despite commissioners’ remarks, the date is being entered into the database from the result sheets, not from the biometric devices.

He also raised some serious questions from the IEC regarding the number of ballot papers, biometric devices, and voter lists.

“We support any efforts for election transparency,” he underlined.

Nabil claims that based on the statistics provided by the commission, the election does not have any winner and must go to the second round, which is very important for the health of the election and confidence building.

“Although the national unity government did not have legal legitimacy, it was completely abolished after 29 September,” he added.