SUKKUR      -     Swarms of locusts have destroyed crops over hundreds of acres in Saleh Pat area, local farmers revealed on Monday.

Several swarms of locusts have descended in the area and eaten up standing cot­ton crop, vegetables and fodder for cattle in the area, local people complained.

The farmers staged pro­test against the inaction of the provincial agriculture department with regard to the attacks of swarms of lo­custs in the area.

The farmers are trying to get rid of the vegetation eating grasshoppers on self-help basis after the agricul­ture department’s inaction over the matter.

“We worked hard for six months, spent thousands of rupees but the crops were destroyed (by the swarms of locusts),” a farmer lamented.

The government by con­ducting spray of insecticides could save us from further harm, local farmers said.

Earlier in this month, locust, a specie of grass­hoppers, reportedly eat up crops, grass and shrubs in some villages of Nagar­parkar and Islamkot talukas of the Thar region.

Local villagers said the government officials had sprayed insecticides a few days ago, but the spray proved ineffective due to continuous rain in the areas.