KARACHI    -   The National Transmission and Dis­patch Company’s (NTDC) 500KV Hub­co-NKI line is under forced outage since September 29, 2019 due to which there is an unforeseen reduction of up to 250 MW in the power supply from the na­tional grid to the K-Electric system.

K-Electric is making all possible ef­forts to manage the power shortfall in the light of rising temperatures and compounded by the insignificant pow­er supply from 150MW wind corridor of the National Grid due to low wind factor.

As per spokesperson for K-Electric, “We remain in close coordination with NTDC officials to minimize the disrup­tion resulting from the power supply situation and ensure the fastest pos­sible resolution to this issue.

The reduced supply from the NTDC, albeit temporarily, may necessitate brief spells of load management, includ­ing in exempted areas.

We have informed our valued custom­ers of the situation through SMS and thank them for their patience and un­derstanding during this time. As soon as the NTDC’s maintenance work is completed, the situation with respect to power supply would be normalised across the city. We shall keep our cus­tomers informed about the develop­ments and regret the inconvenience caused.”