He should have made the long outstanding demands on Kashmir in his speech which he missed . It looks that he was not briefed fully the real points to be focussed as the irrelevant issues i.e. History ,money laundering and transformation of Al Qaeda were not the need of the hour but the only pressing subject was Kashmir issue.

It is long fight hence the details below may be used as reference point and PM should have demanded as under:

1.    He should have made a demand from UN to constitute a high powered commission to investigate human rights violation in Kashmir.

2.    He should have demanded the Kashmir matter to refer to ICJ for Justice as the resolution of the UN has not been implemented- ICJ to ensure the implementation.

3.    He should have asked for the date of self-determination while he mentioned at the very end of the speech giving it a very casual mention.

4.    He should have mentioned Samjhauta Express attack in which we had lost 96 Pakistanis and this terrorist act was done by India / RSS/ RAW/India Army.

5.    He should have mentioned Indian interference in Baluchistan and Modi’ claim of being a part of the movement of breaking Pakistan into pieces.

6.    He should have mentioned specifically about the brutalities by RSS and ethnic cleansing and there was no mention of demographic changes in Kashmir.

7.    We always claim India lies in FATF that Pakistan is involved in money laundering and we have always countered at every forum where as this Indian propaganda on FATF has been endorsed by the PM himself. He has negated our all official claims with his own statement in the form of confession that Pakistan is money laundering country.

8.    He should have justified the Kashmir freedom movement but he rather evaded the impression of terrorism in Kashmir.

9.    He diluted the Kashmir issue by giving more time to history lecture &climate change. The dying Kashmiri children wanted strong worded support as they are not interested in to how many trees the KPK govt has planted. He should have convinced why the Kashmiris want self-determination and how have they been suffering for the last 70 years.

10. He should have raised the question as to why is India not allowing the international media / International Human rights bodies observe the situation in Kashmir.

11. On one hand he slightly advocated to lift Curfew and on the other hand PM scared India of the output in the form of more violence after removal of curfew in Kashmir giving another excuse in the hands of India to continue with the curfew.

12. UN was required to be informed about the issues, problems and brutalities with graphic details of Kashmir. A reminder of the duty of UN towards oppressed Kashmiris and their cause should have also be given.

13. He should have placed the solution before the UN and suggested the time for self-determination.

Let us make an overall effort on the right direction as we still have a long way to go. We should move forward to support Kashmiris without committing mistakes and remain focused to get deadline for self-determination. We need to get Kashmir out of Curfew and make International efforts to block the Demographic changes and force India to stop ethnic cleansing in India.

I hope MOFA and other visiting delegations at different forums may press the above points.

Will international community keep on watching Kashmir bleeding and continue to allow PM Modi and RSS to keep slaughtering the Muslim community in Kashmir and parts of India? I appeal to the International community and UNGA to wake up and listen to the voice of oppressed. Kashmiris

The writer is Former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank “Global Eye”. He can be reached at: rmalik1212@gmail.com, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik

We should move forward to support Kashmiris without committing mistakes and remain focused to get deadline for self-determination.