Rahul Gandhi in his recent speech with congress members talked about the increasing division within India and suggested that no cricket team can win if the baller is not talking to the batsman, and the batsman is not talking to the wicket keeper. He further mentioned that India can never be strong if it is divided and also mentioned that for the past five years India has been divided every day. Considering this war- like situation between India and Pakistan, Does this division favor us in any way?

Considering from a patriotic lens, this might seem as a win- win situation for Pakistan as it has been a general rule of the world that the divided always fall. But what we have failed to understand is that division has never been helping for anyone, either it be India or Pakistan. It is because of the division that world has been suffering on the part of mightier and stronger. In India, there is a situation of catastrophe because of this unfair division which exists amongst various parties, classes and religious circles. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been able to work on divide and rule policy and has been very successful in this regard, but what they have overlooked is the very fact that their own homeland is at the verge of collapsing.

Furthermore, division and conflict has also been a part and parcel our history. There were instances of division whispered in the last 10 years, during the last 2 previous governments, but that has only made things worse for us today. With the successful initiation of representing Baluchistan in our parliaments and taking FATA as one, we have made strong ties with our land which can help in the war situations. What is not understandable to The Bharatiya Janata Party is the fact that division is making them weaker day by day. Instances can be seen where journalists in India are openly stating the horrors of Modi government and are not ready to accept the actions taken against Kashmir. Therefore, one can say that Prime Minister Modi has started to fail in his long episode of division and rule.

Adding further, one cannot forsake the division of East Pakistan when it became an independent state of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971. As crucial it might seem to Pakistan and it was indeed instance of an epic failure on our part. The obvious reason of the division was the unfair distribution of resources and means of transportation. West Punjab, on the other hand, was equally progressing at its best. Similarly, In India, apart from major cities namely Mumbai and Dehli, lack of resources are very much visible. The motto “Akhand Bharat” definitely requires more effort and work for Indians now. It is true that unity is strength and in their resolution against Kashmir, the parliament vote in favour of the BJPs notion, but how far is the majority of the parliament standing firm to this decision? Why the opposition parties in India highlight the issue of division and how far will it affect the government? Consequently, we see a similar situation in our country as well, where the opposition announced the division of Sindh under time of crisis. In a war like situation, it seems apparent that the opposition highlight division in a very efficient way.

It is high time to be very careful and well-organized at this time of crisis and try to eradicate all times of stratification in the society. Because right now the government is under crucial situation, and hitting them hard such time of crisis will definitely effect the sanctity of the country. United we stand, united we can overcome all the problems.

The writer is an Mphil in English Literature and can be reached at areebasohaail@gmail.com

It is high time to be very careful and well-organized at this time of crisis and try to eradicate all times of stratification in the society.