MIRPURKHAS     -    Nara Canal Wa­ter Board Director Man­soor Ahmed Memon has launched a tree plantation campaign with the coop­eration of Pak Green Foun­dation in the limits of Nara Canal command area.

He has directed all engi­neers, sub-divisional offi­cers and the other staff to plant more and more trees so that rising tempera­tures could be brought down by reducing pollu­tion in the atmosphere.

He announced that he himself, along with mem­bers of the staff, would plant trees every Friday at the distributaries and minors as well as channels of the canal.

Memon declared the cam­paign open by planting a tree at 18 mile Mori near Sindhri where other engi­neers also planted trees. Pak Green Foundation President Niaz Pathan was also pres­ent on the occasion. Sources have told The Nation that Pak Green Foundation will provide saplings for the campaign free of cost.