I am writing this letter in order to show my dissatisfaction and issues regarding a very popular ongoing matter. Actually we, the lower-income group people are facing issues related to the taxes imposed by the government. I do not see anyone who is satisfied with the steps taken to collect taxes from the general public. Higher-income groups have a lot more income to bear these taxes but the lower-income group barely has the income to cover up their daily expenses which are increasing day by day and the reason being tax.

The tax rate is increased drastically as compared to our wages and incomes and we are now unable to save the money we used to do before. Increase in prices of daily life commodities has resulted in inflation which a demerit for us as a nation. Taxes are collected to generate revenue, but there are many other ways to do it, my suggestion is to take a few steps like increasing investment in export products so that sufficient revenue is generated, increase in wages, follow progressive tax system, discourage importing of unnecessary and luxurious items such as luxury vehicles, stabilize the general price level by imposing a fair amount of tax according to our income groups and make investments in productive sectors.