The tug of war between the federal and provincial governments over the appointment of senior officers in provinces is not new. Not too long after Pakistan was born, a tussle erupted between the central and provincial governments on the appointment of the commissioner of the Rawalpindi division. The Punjab government refused to accept the recommendation of the central government.

After some back and forth, the issue was settled and the provincial government accepted the appointment. The appointee of the central government was originally from UP India, who opted to serve Pakistan. Unfortunately, he faced a lot of resistance from the local clerical staff and officers throughout the division. Although the officer was very polite in dealing with clerical staff and officers, he was not welcome or accepted. There was so much hesitation to accept him that he eventually had himself transferred out. I see that a similar tussle goes on till today. Such politicking and tussle between the federal and provincial governments hurt the ability of officers to work and deliver for the public good. They become victims of politics, where politicians try to have senior administration officers appointed who would serve them better rather than the public. The politicians must realize that they must rise above their selfish goals and work to appointing the best officers for top slots. They must let them work without interference so that they can serve the public in the best possible manner. 

Otherwise, I am afraid that the administrative setup of the country will be completely destroyed adding to the misery to the already suffering public.