Located in Mohalla Khudadad near the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar, the residences of Bollywood's bigwigs Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar - albeit torn - stand tall and proud.

The latter's house was declared protected heritage by the Directorate of Archaeology and Tourism in 2013 and later a protected monument, under the Antiquity Act 1997, whereas the Kapoor Haveli in Mohallah Dhaki Munawar Shah, inside the walled city, was also said to be converted into a museum by end of the year 2012.

But despite the status granted to them, they have existed in a dismal with no restoration or preservation effort, until recently, when the residences were ordered by the government to be turned into museums.

The government has directed the archeological department to preserve historic houses under the restoration project. Both houses will be open to the public after restoration.

Following this, Kumar and his wife appreciated the decision and after a Twitter user uploaded pictures of the current state of their ancestral residence, Kumar requested all in Peshawar to share more photos of the house.

“Thank you for sharing this,” he said addressing the user. “Requesting all in #Peshawar to share photos of my ancestral house (if you’ve clicked the pic), tag #DilipKumar,” he added.

Kumar's wife, veteran star Saira Banu has also reacted to the restoration recently. She told ETimes, “I wish the provincial government success in its efforts and sincerely hope that this time the dream comes true. Mashallah.”

She went on to add, "My heart fills up with joy each time I receive the same news about the ancestral home of Yousuf Saheb in Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which the provincial government has been repeatedly trying to turn into a monument for posterity."

"It has come up so many times in the past and I have appreciated the tenacity with which the government is pursuing the mission of turning the house into a museum for the public to visit and feel the vintage charm of the house where Dilip Saheb grew up like any bright boy of the province," continued Banu.

Fondly sharing memories of their last visit to the house, Banu recalled, “The house is of great sentimental value to my husband and I have shared his pride and happiness during a visit to the property some years ago. He was so emotional when he saw the house where he spent his lovely childhood in the comfort and security of a large, refined family.”