There is no denying that the rotten , immoral act of society and social threat is public harassment. Sometimes this mighty crime leads to the extermination of sweet life. Public peeping, gazing and molestation of women is ordinary in our so called Muslim society. It is heartbreaking and horrifying to hear the news about harassment of a powerless lady on Lahore motorway in front of his kids. It is the worst and barbaric act, raping a women, intimidating her at gun point and finally lashing at her violently as if she has no right to live and zero status.

What cognitive strains it will inflict in the minds of young kids whose mother was raped on public place? This is the clear manifestation for the downfall of Muslim societies and their golden era having past. Societies never go ahead until they don’t consider every inhabitant and individual equal. Do we still wait and look for doomsday, whereas the gigantic, worst episode of crimes and heinous act are dwiling among us? Even we have never heard any immoral act of temptation during the golden era of Prophet (PBUH) . His Riasat-e- medina was far away and pure from corrupt practices.

His society and practices are the paradigm of modern western societies. What’s most unfortunate, most unfortunate, is that within a matter of days, it will either be forgotten or swept under the rug, allowing these grim issues to remain unresolved completely.

“Justice delayed is justice denied”.

It is time for government authorities to launch a large scale hardcore laws for punishing culprits who are found. The prime duty of law enforcement agencies is to guard the citizens and reduce the frequency with which such episodes occur. If these threats are not taken or eliminated completely, will occur simultaneously.