ISLAMABAD-Over the past few months, LIVE with HSY has caught our eye for being one of the most engaging talk-shows the internet has to offer. Being the platform where Pakistani A-listers have the opportunity to talk about their personal and professional lives, and voice their concerns about social issues, the sessions have been very thought-provoking and awe-inspiring. The superstar host, HSY, always asks guests the most relevant questions regarding current affairs. Last Saturday’s session of LIVE with HSY featured actor, model, and former video jockey, Feroze Khan. The two stars discussed Feroze Khan’s recent harassment encounter, his initiative to end harassment, and how young people have too much access to social media and the damage it causes. 

HSY started the interview by stating that he has been noticing a lot of changes in Feroze Khan these days, proclaiming that Khan has been using his voice actively through social media to address issues in our society. The actor responded by saying that all it takes is a clean conscience and a thought to put the right steps in action. Khan declared that he has come into very close contact with harassment himself. He discovered that someone was impersonating him by messaging his friends in the media fraternity through WhatsApp. 

Although he didn’t give it much thought initially, after hearing that voice notes were being sent to several people, he knew he had to take action. To his surprise, once the harasser was found, it turned out to be a young kid who had no explanation for why he was impersonating the star.