Although Covid-19 has proved to be one of the worst diseases of the 21st century, yet it seems to have taught many lessons to the world. It has taught mankind that procrastination and mishandling can bring colossal destruction. Countries like the USA, India and UK did not cope with the situation timely and the result they are facing is an ordeal. Moreover, this pandemic has taught us the importance of hygiene. Cleanliness is of utmost importance and we can only get rid of this virus when we will keep ourselves neat and clean. 

Another very important lesson we have learnt is that the material things are not as important as we think of them. Many people survived during the outbreak despite cutting their ingenuine expenditures. They learnt to survive within limited resources. This clarified that our material magnificence has nothing to do with our survival; our material belongings are useless when we are afflicted with natural or manmade disaster. And the most important of all is God. People, in the craze of luxurious accessibilities, seemed to have neglected Allah Almighty from their lives. Covid-19 taught us that He and only He is the master of this universe and we are destitute to even this contagious virus. How can man live happily without bowing and remembering his God? It seems impossible. Undoubtedly, disasters and hard times are inevitable to come in order to cement man.