“For many, the American dream has 

become a nightmare.”

–Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator

As the incumbent President in the White House is an open supporter of white supremacists, it is better to go back in history. On September 30, 1822, Joseph Marion Hernández became the first Hispanic that was elected to the Congress. Hernández belonged to a St. Augustine family that came to Florida as indentured servants. However, the financial influence of the family increased gradually. His active participation in the political affairs of the country and accumulation of wealth was one of the first examples of the realisation of the American dream. However, if we look at today’s America, the dream has gone sore for many. People, especially migrants, who came to the US in pursuit of a comfortable life, are now a constant target of the occupant in the White House who sees them the sole reason for America’s failure. The chasms and divisions in the US are multiple and deep that seriously undermine the harmony and stability of American society.