LAHORE - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday that the parliament was being run by aliens and not its members. 

“People tell me that someone else is running the parliament. Other people come and give directions about the day’s agenda and voting on bills,” PML-N supremo said while addressing party’s central executive committee (CEC) through video link from London. 

Top PML-N leadership listened to the ex-PM at PML-N Secretariat Model Town, discussed prevailing political situation and action plan in the wake of arrest of Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif. 

Nawaz also accused ‘some people’ putting pressure on courts for getting desired verdicts. “We have been freed of the colonisers only to be enslaved by our own. Today, we are not free citizens,” he said while suggesting that people hiding faces could be seen witnessing court proceedings. 

He said that a personnel of a sensitive organisation could be seen hiding his face during the hearing of a case against him by the National Accountability Bureau. “What was the reason behind hiding his face”, he raised the question. 

He said that Shehbaz Sharif has been arrested not for accountability but for standing with the party narrative. He said that Shehbaz has shown unparalleled strength and courage during testing times. He praised his younger brother for serving the nation with honesty and working day and night to set up power plants in Punjab. 

“I am proud of my brother who remained loyal and committed to ideology, and narrative of the party. Our spirits will not be dampened by what is happening rather the party would double its efforts. We are proud that our party workers are facing the current situation with courage. There is no example in history of the treatment which has been meted out to children of political opponents,” he said. 

He said that those who brought incompetent person to power were also responsible for the present mess. 

“Everyone would have to admit that the 2018 general elections were massively rigged and our parliament is compromised,” he said. He stressed the need to be clear on the narrative, whether one should accept rigging as destiny and move forward. 

“We will continue struggle to put the house in order “, he said, adding, the anti-government movement starting from Quetta rally would continue till sending the present regime packing. He recounted achievements of the PML-N during its tenure. “We accomplished everything required by the country despite the sit-ins,” he remarked. He said inflation was under control, flour and sugar were available at cheap rates while the GDP rate was 5.8 Percent which has now turned negative. 

Referring to timing of his return to the country, Nawaz said he was available for Pakistan and the party. 

“I will welcome your suggestions irrespective of my bad health condition”, he said while seeking input from party leadership. He specifically mentioned names of AJK premier Raja Farooq Haider, former Gilgit Baltistan CM Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman and party stalwart Ahsan Iqbal while seeking suggestions from the PML-N CEC members.