The break-up between the PML-N and the PPP is a set back for mature politics and sustained democracy in Pakistan. People had high hopes that the political stalwarts will rise to their expectations, and would be able to settle amicably their main difference i.e. the reinstatement of deposed judges. And the coalition government will embark on much needed reforms for good governance. During the five agonising months of the coalition's misrule, the politicians forgot BB's pleas for reconciliation and democracy, and indulged in bickering and feuding while the people are faced with political uncertainty, and multiple problems. The political godfathers despite promises failed to provide relief to the common man. The claim of resounding victory for democracy after the February 18 elections has evaporated with the break-up of the coalition government. The judges issue was not discussed by the parliament, which was a major violation of democracy. BB wanted democracy to flourish and she had promised to restore the deposed judges, including the CJ. However, the judges issue remains unsolved, due to the stubbornness of the PPP leaders including the co-chairman. He made promises and accords and violated them. Zardari's waywardness on the judges' issue has caused the avoidable rupture. He appeared non-serious and came out with tenuous and unconvincing arguments and promises, which were not fulfilled. Refusal by PML-N to support the nomination of Zardari for presidency, will be taken as an affront by the PPP. However, Zardari is going to be the president with or without PML-N's support. The belief that the two main political parties could develop an understanding on the judges issue, and steer the country out of the economic, law and order and political chaos should not become a dream. Expectations of the people appear to be crashing on the rocks of personal and political expediency. At the press conference announcing the break-up of the PPP-PML-N coalition, Nawaz Sharif presented the chronology of broken commitments made by Zardari regarding the reinstatement of the deposed judges. His blunt and highly offensive statement that accords and agreements are not the words of the Holy Quran or Hadith, clearly reflects the gentleman's mindset, and lack of political integrity. Morality never had a place in Pakistani politics. But Zardari holds Benazir Bhutto's mantle of democracy and reconciliation, and needs to display flexibility and accommodation. For reasons best known to him, Zardari does not trust the deposed judges, especially the highly respected CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry. He or his colleagues, especially Sherry Rehman and PPP spokesman Farhatullah Babar should clarify as to why Mr Zardari and the rank and file of PPP despise the deposed judges? What are they afraid off? They are playing to the tunes of the general on the judges issue On the other hand, PML-N has held up the judges' cause with honesty and steadfastness. They have a principled stance, fully endorsed by the bar and the people. BB had promised that CJ Iftikhar and all the deposed judges would be restored. The PPP co-chairman should have respected BB's wishes. Instead he has supported the policy of Musharraf, and endorsed the judges appointed by the former president; after taking oath under the PCO. Nawaz Sharif has upheld the cause and sacrifices of the legal community. In the short run he may pay a price politically, but in the long run despite political intrigues and machinations, his steadfastness and high integrity will pay off. Hopefully, he will be able to redeem his promises and emerge victorious. It is hoped that after becoming president, Asif Zardari will display magnanimity; will reinstate the deposed judges, and invite PML-N to rejoin the coalition government. The writer is a retired air marshal