Here is a question for Mr. Zardari; what did young Bilawal contribute to the crucial talks involving the political future of Pakistan when the party heads of PPP and PML-N met in Islamabad recently? Let the Bhutto scion complete his education, mature with age and learn the art of politics before doing this kind of photo sessions. It will serve no purpose except create a controversy. How many times have we seen Sonia Gandhi or late Rajiv Gandhi make their school or college going children sit in crucial party meetings? The Gandhis are very politically correct about this sort of thing. PPP today is dominated by a coterie of self-seeking sycophants with no ideological commitment to the party manifesto of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Late ZAB never allowed his siblings or friends to hog the limelight. He never even allowed any of them to grab major portfolios, Mumtaz Bhutto being the only exception. Politics is not a child's play, even if he happens to be Bilawal...Bhutto. -ANKIT GURKH, Missisauga, Canada, via e-mail, August 21.