I was surprised to see some people a little sad as Pervez Musharraf resigned and at a time when most of the country were incomplete jubilation. He looked down and out in his farewell speech but till even two weeks back he was trying to rock the boat once again. Recently in his address to the business community in Karachi he was very aggressive. The worrying part is that there are still elements, especially in our elite class that does not understand how the law works. I don't think that even Musharraf disagrees today that the biggest reason that led to his downfall was the judiciary crisis. And this was why he spent the most difficult year 2007 committing mistakes one after the other and some even link the Lal Masjid issue to the judicial crisis although I do not know how far that is true. But one thing I do know is that it happened after March 9, when the Lawyers' Movement had gained immense popularity tumbling his own severely down. Media started becoming more aggressive and in such a situation a person especially from a military mindset is bound to commit a blunder. After July 20,2007 Pakistan had entered a new phase though a lot of people had rightly said that this new phase will not last long and as they said came November 3. The day the entire country had united against one man...the day when even those who had some soft corner for him became anti, the day which created history by giving birth to the youngest prisoners ever. More than half of the entire judiciary sacked and house arrested along with their families, entire media even the sports and the cartoon channels were shutdown, opposition members, members of the civil society, human rights activists and last but most importantly the lawyers were also arrested. It was indeed one of the most unlawful days in the history of this country done by a man who takes oath to protect us and to be court martialled if he even takes part in any political activity whether good or bad that is what the oath clearly says. I must remind some foolish and educated people of this country that there is only one law, one rule and one democracy. If it is changed and tailored to suit a dictator's needs it will never become the law and if it's the transition to democracy or the second phase of democracy it means there is no democracy. Good or bad democracy, well that is what the people will decide only through elections but I am sorry to say not from the barrel of the gun. It's an irony hearing even a few members from our society say that what choice do they have since the ones running the country are even worse. Actually just to let them know that even this argument is of no use because it is not a matter of comparisons, especially if you are condemning the illegal acts of our strongest institution. It does not mean you are praising the politicians. It is not Pervez Musharraf vs Nawaz Sharif. It is the legitimacy that one has and the other does not. For God sake it is not about who is a better leader it is about who has the right to be a leader. A general from the armed forces does not have any right to rule the nation; his oath does not say he can run the civil matters of the country. People from the military can do their utmost to bring change in the country but they can never succeed. Overthrowing elected governments, amendments in the constitution and pressurising the judiciary will always overshadow anything they do and in the end ruin the system. Actually the sad part now is the safe passage, guard of honour, the fact that he is still provided with the same security and living in the Army House, and last but not least a free man. He is the one who dismissed an elected government, arrested the PM, forcibly removed an elected president and illegally making himself one, making his own political party and then getting them elected, horse trading at the highest level, arresting the Chief Justice of Pakistan with his family, imposing of another martial law in the name of emergency, dismantling of almost the entire judiciary and arresting them as well with their families, the brutal arrests of lawyers, and civil society members. He is also blamed for the unrest in Balochistan, the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, and more importantly the killing of more than a thousand people including children and women of the Lal Masjid. All this was done in complete violation of the constitution as well as the oath that he took when he was in the Pakistan Army. I don't understand why these people even bother to take an oath. The free is man is the former illegal President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Should people miss him or should he be tried for treason? Should he escape free or should be held accountable for various charges against him? After all is the law only for the civilians as these self-obsessed men in khaki call? Will only ex-prime ministers be hanged or arrested? The writer is the director of a leading Radio Station in Karachi Email:hasanzuabir@apnakarachi107.fm