SWAT - The security forces during search operation on Monday arrested 14 suspected terrorists including two foreigners from Barikot area and recovered 36 more dead bodies of militants from scattered areas of Swat district. The arrested foreigners were identified as Pir Muhammad and Lal Muhammad, and they were later shifted to undisclosed location for interrogation. Sources said that 30 out of total 36 dead bodies were recovered from Banjoor area near Manglawar. The militants were reportedly killed during military action on Sunday last after the suicide attack on a police station. The dead bodies of three other militants were recovered from Kanju, two from Akhun Keley and one from Barikot. The identity of several killed militants was yet to be determined, however, hand written chits were found near the dead bodies stating, Fate of the militants. It is worth mentioning here that a total of 226 dead bodies of militants have been recovered from various area of Swat since mid-July 2009. Meanwhile, funeral prayer of Sunday suicide blast victims was offered and their dead bodies were dispatched to their respective hometowns. Later, they were laid to rest in Malook Abad, Gunbad, Rang Mahla, Kokari, Nawekaly and other areas. Online and APP add: Fifteen more terrorists were killed and 22 others apprehended by security forces on Monday during the Rah-e-Raast operation in Swat and Malakand Division. According to ISPR, security forces conducted search operation at Allahabad near Charbagh where an exchange of fire took place with terrorists. As a result, five terrorists were killed and one soldier embraced shahadat. Security forces conducted search operation at Maira and killed 7 terrorists, while 11 others were apprehended. In a search operation at Gulkanda, Aman Kot the forces nabbed seven suspects and another four were also arrested during search operation in Sangota and Ahingora Cham near Fatehpur. In another search operation at Lundai Sarand, three terrorists were killed.