Is writ of the state, with all the sound and fury, is to be imposed on the unfortunate people of Balochistan only? What is wrong with Balochis asking for uniformity in royalties, or their own gas to be supplied to people of their province, or their rightful share in allocation of jobs in state-owned corporations. Even within Balochistan, jobs in Gwadar, are being given to people from adjoining provinces and not to Baloch residents of the area. Even after 63 years, Balochistan's job share in PIA, WAPDA, Ports Authority, Railways, SSGC etc continues to be usurped by others with falsified documents. This same writ, though, remains un-enforced when it comes to delivering sugar hoarded by mill owners at the obligatory price of Rs45 per kg to retailers of Balochistan. Despite PM's directives, the writ of the state is not enforced upon the black marketers. Is this because those within government are direct beneficiaries of this scam? This country was not created to escape the oppression of a Hindu majority as we are told in history books. It was created to merely replace them with the oppressive rule of our civil, military and feudal/industrialist elite. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, August 25.