The recent saga of MQM and PML-N has taken the country's politics to new depths. Now every passing day is marked with novel developments. Other than MQM's acquittal from the Jinnahpur allegations and their feigned celebration of it, nothing positive has come out of the controversy. The response from PML-N has raised many eyebrows. They have claimed in yet another issue that Nawaz Sharif, despite being PM at the time, was unaware of the 19992 operation in Karachi. This is similar to PML-N's defence of the Kargil operation in which they accuse the army of carrying on operation at its own without taking the reigning Prime Minister (Mr. Sharif) into confidence. These claims, though, have been forcefully rejected by high-ranking military officials of the time. A common Pakistani is naturally forced to think that what kind of a naive Prime Minister we had in Mr. Sharif who was forever unaware of all the serious strategic actions, even ones as important as military operations, that took place supposedly under his watch. This not only puts a question mark on his competence in running the affairs of the state but also creates a serious clash of ideology between the armed forces and the PML-N. -ALI AMMAR, Karachi, via e-mail, August 25.