ISLAMABAD - The Presidency on Monday rebuffed the PML-Ns charges of 'behind the scene role in the ongoing media campaign against the latters leadership and 'character assassination of some opposition politicians, saying PPP would not give a 'clean chit to the said leaders in a resurfaced two-decade old controversy, of which it was not a party. Both the former arch political rivals of 90s, the PPP and the PML-N, after remaining united on a number of national issues, especially the revival of true democracy, have once again come face-to-face challenging and alleging each other in the wake of recent revelations by some former spy masters. Hawks prevailed over doves in the latest development and efforts to continue as friendly partners seem failing, a source close to the Presidency commented on the developments. Reacting to PML-N Spokesperson Ahsan Iqbals news conference, Babar rejected and condemned the attempts to accuse the President House of being involved in what had been described as character assassination of some political leaders. He said the PML-N could satisfy zest with respect to the 48-hour deadline, asserting that no third party could demolish the democratic system. Farhat said there was no question of the Presidency being behind the regurgitation of old accusations. He said the accusations relating to the distribution of slush fund among politicians nearly two decades ago were not new and had been discussed from time to time. However, he expressed his surprise saying it was strange that for the first time the Presidency was being accused. Those accusing the Presidency are perhaps hoping to exert pressure on the president to reject the accusations levelled against them, thus giving them a clean chit, he said adding, This, however, is not the responsibility of the Presidencys media outfit. Farhat recalled when the same person levelled accusations against former prime minister Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and the PPP leadership, the party fought directly and heroically. He said the case of alleged distribution of slush fund among politicians was not only almost two decades old but also pending before the Supreme Court. Farhat described the present tirade against the President and Presidency and the hurling of ultimatums as most unfortunate, uncalled for and against the spirit of reconciliation and mutual accommodation. Meanwhile, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has made it clear that those giving 48-hour ultimatum are welcome to fulfil their wishes, adding no conspiracy to push PPP to the wall will be allowed to succeed. He said this while talking to media persons on Monday with respect to the allegations levelled by PML-N against PPP. He asked if the PPP was behind what Gen (Retd) Aslam Beg and Brig (Retd) Imtiaz were saying, adding it was not correct to charge Aiwan-e-Sadr for ones own mistakes. He went on to say that democratic government did not want to revert to the past. PPP was ready to hold talks on any issue while it had never supported any dictator or martial law in the past nor had it obtained money from ISI, he remarked. I will request Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif to control Ahsan Iqbal and if he has any objection he should bring it open, he said. PPP was not indulging in controversial things and it wanted to unite all democratic forces by shunning all differences, he declared. Under this spirit President Asif Ali Zardari went up to Mian Nawaz Sharif, he added. Democratic government was working sincerely on all the issues including amendment in the Constitution and Balochistan in line with Charter of Democracy, he underscored.