THE New York Times' accusation that Pakistan is illegally modifying US-made missiles to make them capable of striking land targets and thus creating a new threat for India was met with a firm rebuttal by Islamabad. The Foreign Office categorically rejected the report that cited senior administration and Congressional sources as alleging that Pakistan had reconfigured anti-ship weapons in a way that could target India. Ambassador Hussain Haqqani said instead of making incorrect and false accusations, the American media should help Pakistan secure the help it needed to fight terrorism. The accusation comes at a particularly delicate time when the Administration is asking Congress to approve $7.5 billion in aid to Islamabad over the next five years. The NYT report stated that the US intelligence agencies detected on April 23 a missile test that appeared to indicate that Pakistan had a new offensive weapon. The whole issue was based on a suspicion. President Obama and his Administration can be easily misled if they continue to make wrong inferences or believe flawed intelligence. Perhaps what they need to understand is that in scientific inventions it is very difficult to prove whether there has been any tampering with the existing model. It's time Washington paid heed to saner counsel and extended an all-out support to Islamabad for effectively combating the growing menace of terrorism rather than doing things that could undermine mutual relations.