ISLAMABAD - Partly complying with the Supreme Courts orders, some nine Pakistani prisoners in various Thailand jails would be brought back before Eid. Talking to TheNation, Executive Director Global Foundation Ulfat Kazmi said that repatriation of the prisoners from Thai jails would be made following the May 20 orders of Supreme Court to bring back all the prisoners from Thailand. According to him, apart from the nine prisoners who would be brought back from Tahiland, some 97 prisoners were still in the Thai jails and most of them had completed their terms awarded to them by the Thai courts and were just waiting for the Pakistani government to bring them back. The prisoners who would be brought back before Eid include Khaleeq-Uz-Zaman, Risalat Khan, Lala Arshad, Said Karim Khan, Zaheer-ud-Din, and Shams-ur-Ibadi while the names of three others were not known. Ulfat Kazmi said that the Thai government had made an offer to some 19 countries whose nationals were in Thai jails to take back their nationals and except Pakistan the rest of the countries had repatriated their nationals and it was not known that why the Pakistan Government was showing reluctance in taking back these Pakistanis. He further said that even the families of these people had offered to the government that they were ready to bear the travel and other expense required for their repatriation but the Ministry of Interior and other concerned departments including Foreign Office were showing cold shoulder to the serious issue involving basic human rights. Executive Director of Global Foundation said that over the past couple of years some three Pakistanis had died in Thai jails while another three had committed suicide when they saw the governments apathy toward their repatriation. He further said that he had taken up the issue of the repatriation of these prisoners from Thailand with officials in Interior and Foreign Affairs ministries but the matter was put in the loop and no concrete efforts were made so far. He said that it was strange to note that when the Thai Government was ready to release these persons and the families of the captives were ready to bear the expenses of their repatriation why the high ups in Government were not taking any action.