At least 18 persons have been killed and 150 others got injured in three suicide blasts occurred in Lahore when processions of Youm-e-Ali were on their way to conclude at Karbala Gamay Shah. First blast occurred near Karbala Gamay Shah in Youm-e-Ali procession when a suicide bomber blew himself up while he was being frisked by the constable. Two persons along with the constable were martyred in the blast. According to Mayo hospital sources, at least 100 injured persons have been taken there who were injured in subsequent stampede. Women, children and policemen were among the injured. At least 2 dead bodies and 30 injured were shifted to Ganga Ram hospital while 12 injured were shifted to Services Hospital. Second blast was also occurred near Karbala Gamay Shah in which several people were injured. Another blast was occurred in Bhati chowk which was occurred 20 minutes after the first blast. Commissioner Lahore Khusru Pervaiz has confirmed that all three blast were suicide blasts.