Floodwaters would likely to hit Chuhar Jamali and Shah Bundar after Jati while several villages have been submerged as a breach emerged in a canal near village Dadu, a private TV reported. Flood threat looms large on Dadu city. Breach in MNV Canal inundated over 100 villages including Moheer, Khairpur, Nathun Shah and Johi. Authorities have managed to plug the cracks appeared in the safety dykes of Gajo Kharo. People started returning to their areas as water flow decreased. According to Irrigation Department, water flow in Kotri Barrage is 799,322 cusecs with a downward trend, while flow in Sukkur and Guddu Barrages also witness continued decrease in inflow. Many displaced people started moving back to their homes, however they have been faced with multiple problems due to lack of basic amenities. Kotri Barrage is in high flood while Sukkur and Guddu Barrages are in low flood with a downward trend.