People still await the outcome of investigations on the Air Blue crash in which 152 people had been killed. The crash probably happened because of a controversial decision by the PIA management to use blanket emergency powers it had to flout essential rest requirements of the pilots. The fatigue that caused it has been a proven factor in air crashes around the world. The chairman PCB continues to head the cricket board despite controversies galore, the most recent embarrassment being the revelations by British journal 'News of the World that showed involvement of key Pakistani players in match-fixing. That has shocked our already distressed people beyond words. The collapse of substandard bridges, roads, canal embankments and bunds all over Pakistan during the recent floods have not only aggravated sufferings of millions of people but also raised the level of public fury at everything. This elected government is being perceived in general to be not just condoning and protecting individuals involved in corruption but is commonly regarded as corrupt itself. People had expected this democratic government to ensure transparency and deliver good governance. It has been able to do neither. The choice is clear now. This government has to choose between protecting its cronies or delivering to the people. Failure is not an option because not just the government but the survival of the Pakistani sovereign state now lies in having rule of law, justice and meritocracy. -NASIR K KHAKAKHEL, Peshawar, August 30.