Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer has said that floods have revived nationalism among the countrymen, adding that the government would not leave the flood affectees at the mercy of flood-devastations. Talking to media during his visit to relief camps and flood-hit areas here on Wednesday, he stated, Pakistanis are the nation that never retreat in face of difficulties and crisis and in the prevailing crisis, with the God's grace-Pakistanis will emerge as united nation. He also reiterated that everyone in the country should come forward to assist the flood victims by ignoring their political affiliations added that the government has been working phase-wise in the flood-hit areas of the country -in the first phase rescue and relief operations have been conducted, while in the second phase rehabilitation of the flood-victims would be ensured. Governor Punjab also informed that the process of distribution of compensation amounts would also be started soon among the flood victims and all the flood-displaced people would be rehabilitated in their respective areas.