LAHORE - Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court, taking serious notice of the delay in holding the local government elections in Punjab, Tuesday remarked that federal and the provincial governments were playing with fire and everything would be ruined if the same practice continued. The court asked for finding a way out with consultation and consensus or the court would decide the matter purely on merit. On hearing, Deputy Attorney General on behalf of Chief Election Commissioner appeared before the court and requested for further time giving assurance that on next date the court would be positively informed about the schedule for holding local government elections in Punjab. On that the court adjourned the hearing till September 16. As many as 19 former District Nazims through Fawad Chaudhry advocate have challenged the appointment of the administrators in place of the Nazims. They said: The appointment was not only contrary to the Constitutional scheme of the LG elections but the LG development funds have also been placed at their disposal in sheer violation of the law. Under the law, no provision has been existed to allow the administrators to utilise these funds. They were also aggrieved that the government was not announcing the schedule for holding fresh LG elections and till the time they are held, Nazims should be allowed to continue to hold the office. The petitioners also argued that the notification appointing administrators is in violation of Article 140 (a) of the Constitution under which the provincial governments are bound to set up local governments. They said the Supreme Court through a number of judgments has also endorsed this provision therefore the governments step to appoint the administrators and not announcing date for the fresh elections may be declared ultra vires the Constitution and the Nazim may be allowed to resume the office.