The Hong Kong Government Wednesday approved a grant from the Disaster Relief Fund of 4.65 million HK dollars to the Salvation Army to undertake a relief project for flood victims in Pakistan. The grant is further to a disbursement of 5.3 million HK dollars made earlier for World Vision Hong Kong, Oxfam Hong Kong and Save the Children, Hong Kong, to provide emergency relief to flood victims in Pakistan. It takes the total value of grants for flood victims in Pakistan to 9.95 million HK dollars. A government spokesman said Wednesday that the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee hoped the grant would help provide relief to flood victims in Pakistan. "To ensure that the money will be used for the designated purposes, the relief agency has been asked to submit an evaluation report and audited accounts on the use of the grant after the relief project has been completed," the spokesman said. (1 U.S. dollar equals 7.777 HK dollars)