The ongoing devastating floods and the recent Phet and Yemyin cyclones etc are the worst examples of how Pakistan is fast slipping into a vicious cycle of global warming. The worst flooding in records and memories has exposed how vulnerable we are to the horrible after-effects of natural disasters that are now becoming commonplace in South Asia. I strongly believe that warming of the climate is likely to bring more events of this sort with devastation that is even more colossal in scale. Unchecked deforestation, rising pollutions, unchecked burning of fossil fuels, unplanned development in coastal areas, misuse of natural resources, unhealthy human activities are the factors that provoke natures fury. It punishes us with these calamities for misusing the wealth it had made available to us. There is the other side to the climate change also. Because of global warming, fish migrate to better environment, birds fly off to suitable places and animals shift to more hospitable climates. No country can afford to lose these precious species and the wealth they bring to a land. Therefore, the unfolding global warming has to be checked. The solution lies in correcting our thinking and behaviour and make care for the nature a second nature of our populace so that natural resources are protected at all costs to mitigate possibilities of such catastrophes. Although Pakistan contributes negligibly to the global warming, it is vulnerable to its horrendous effects which can affect the entire fabric of its economy. For example, the potential loss to the countrys GDP in current floods is estimated to be over $7 billion. Therefore, there is a strong need to adapt to climate change and mould our policies and programs at all levels. Our entire socio-economic activities should be geared to combat this new menace which we have not caused but we are being killed by it. -SALEEM SHAIKH, Karachi, August 31.