LAHORE Mazhar Majeed, the main character behind the match-fixing saga in England, was the resident of Street No 7, Muslim Mohallah, Faisalabad, and became top Indian bookmaker after marrying an Indian national a few years back, TheNation has learnt. Sources said Mazhar married an Indian woman whose family is closely linked to bookmakers in New Delhi and Mumbai. It was also learnt that another relative of Majeed had married daughter of a top Indian military official in 2007. Investigators are also probing this aspect of the incident. Mazhars father-in-law owns Dinner and Dance, a hotel in Wembley, London, where Pakistani cricketers regularly visit for entertainment. His sister Rafia Majeed is married to Indian national Mr Jamal, who has close links with Indian bookies as well as underworld people in India and was jailed for two years for the same in the UK. Another interesting part of the story is that Mazhar Mahmood, the reporter of this story, is again a Pakistani-origin British national who works for News of the World which is part of the The Sun and the Times group which had backed LSE report to defame Pakistan. Mazhar Mahmood is famous for entrapment stories especially about Pakistanis. Prima facie, it looks like a well-planned conspiracy through entrapment meant to defame Pakistan and presence of Pakistani-origin British nationals Mazhar Majeed, the bookie and Mazhar Mahmood, the reporter, make the story more credible. Police have taken action on a lead provided to them by non-licensed Asian book-makers which points towards notorious Indian bookies. It was learnt that initially, Mazhar Majeeds elder brother Azhar Majeed developed relations with former cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq who later introduced him to other members of the Pakistan team. Mazhar Majeed, after having developed intimacy with the Pakistani cricketers, used to provide them entertainment during their visit to the UK. Mazhar owns a large farmhouse worth 1.8 million pounds in Surrey which is often used to lure cricketers into developing intimacy. Another interesting aspect is that Mazhar Majeed got religious education and used to have long beard for a few years. He also remained affiliated with an Islamic programme on an Arabic channel in the UK. Later on, he removed his beard and got involved in money making. The likelihood is that Indian intelligence, through top bookmakers of Mumbai and Hyderabad, might have approached Majeed and his wife to trap some Pakistani players into match fixing scandal.Intelligence officials are also collecting evidence from the relatives and family members of Majeed in Pakistan to further expose his Indian connection.