LAHORE - The martyrdom of fourth Caliph, Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib (RA), will be observed with religious devotion on 21st Ramazan, today (Wed-nesday). Hazrat Ali sustained injuries in a fatal attack on him by an extremist Ibne Maljam on 17th Ramazan at Masjid-e-Koofa and three days afterward, he embraced martyrdom. The day will be mourned throughout the Islamic world including Pakistan. Commemorative meetings and Majlis-e-Aza will be held to mourn the incident and to pay homage to the fourth Caliph. A mourning procession will be brought out in the City after zohr prayers from Haveli Alf Din inside Mochi Gate today. Earlier majlis-e-aza will be held which will be addressed by eminent ulema and zakirs. The procession will march towards Karbala Gamay Shah through its traditional routes and will end at its destination late in the evening. Aza meetings and processions will also be organised in various localities. A procession from Azakhana Pando Street, Islampura, will also travel on its traditional routes to join the main procession. The government has made special arrangements for the security of the mourning processions. Heavy police contingent has been posted at the rooftops of houses around the route while the streets have been closed with barbed wire to prevent entry of onlookers. The police and security men in white clothes have also been deployed while the streets have also been profusely lit. The Punjab government has asked the ministers and MPAs in various localities to perform vigilance duties and make coordination between the community leaders and various sects for the maintenance of peace on the day.