ISLAMABAD - Due to increase in Hydel and IPPs power generation these days, the power shortfall has decreased thus providing some relief to the masses in the month of Ramazan. As per an official statement of the Ministry of Water and Power, the demand of energy stood at 15,268 Megawatt which was between 13,000-14,000 Megawatt a few days back. But on the other side the energy generation has also increased so the gap is decreased resultantly. Hydel power generation at present is standing at 6,511 Megawatt that is very close to its maximum capacity and Independent Power Producers have also increased energy generation and presently adding 5,834 Megawatt in the national grid. WAPDA thermal has also shown some increase and is generating 2,211 Megawatt. As per official statement, the water level inflow in the reservoirs was also decreasing now. In Tarbela there was an inflow of 170,100 cusecs and the same was the outflow and reservoir level was 1,550 feet that is the maximum conservation capacity of the dam. In Mangla Dam, the inflow and outflow both were at 42,776 cusecs and the dam level was maintained at 1,206 feet that is 4 feet below its maximum conservation capacity. In Chashma Barrage, inflow is 222,000 cusecs of water while the outflow is 20,4970 cusecs and the barrage level was 646 feet at present. It is also pertinent to mention here that flood has caused many damage to irrigation system and power systems of WAPDA that require immediate attention and a lot of funds to restore many projects. An official said that at present more than 1,500 Megawatt electricity was not being generated as the recent flood had hit some power plants. He said that it is blessing in disguise that the demand of electricity was not very high due to tolerable weather conditions, otherwise the lives of the masses could have been very miserable these days.