LAHORE - Keeping in view the poor performance of the PPP-led government at every front, PML-N will not oppose the demand of mid-term polls if its possibility emerged out of public demand and pressure by the parliamentary parties against the government, TheNation has learnt. Insiders in PML-N privy to the thinking of the partys leadership regarding the demand of mid-term polls told this scribe on Tuesday that high command of the party was under tremendous pressure from the said quarters of the PML-N leadership to support the demand of mid-term polls if its possibility emerged with the complete consensus of the political forces sitting in the parliament and public demand. The insiders also divulged the top leadership of PML-N was of the view that further support to the PPP-led government, keeping in view its poor performance at every front, could make PML-N unpopular like PPP. They further informed that second-line leadership of the party has almost convinced the high command of the party not to oppose the demand of mid-term elections if its possibility emerged whether from the parliamentary parties quarters or out of the public pressure. Now it is not possible for PML-N to safeguard the PPP-led government anymore, as it has failed to deliver good governance, the insiders said. It has not only failed in providing relief to the flood affectees but at the same time it has also failed to evolve a national policy to rehabilitate the disaster-hit people. The PPP government instead of implementing superior judiciarys orders has chosen a collision course against the judiciary, the insiders told this reporter quoting the reasons of senior party leaders for not supporting the PPP government in the future. It was the opinion of senior party leaders of PML-N that events regarding the demand of mid-term polls might take a practical shape by the end of this year, the insiders informed. When contacted, central spokesman of PML-N, Sid-dique-ul-Farooq said, It is next to impossible for the PPP to complete its term in the backdrop of its bad governance, absence of national policy for providing relief and rehabilitating the flood affectees and not implementing the decisions of the superior judiciary. Siddique said even the efforts of PML-N to sustain the PPP government could not prove fruitful, as it was not taking serious steps to resolve any of the issue facing the country or the masses. Central spokesman of PML-N said his party could be compelled to back the demand of mid-term elections if its possibilities emerged out of public pressure or the parliamentary parties demand. However, PML-N could also raise the demand of mid-term polls if the PPP government continued its existing policies and failed to mend its ways in the near future, he concluded.