KARACHI Startling revelations have come to light about how the Pakistan Badminton Federation allegedly sent teams abroad without proper NOCs and how people allegedly paid money to get UK visas posing as officials of the national team. These allegations, one of which said that a person accompanying the team never returned from Canada, were listed in the charge sheet the PBF issued its senior vice president Naqi Mohsin. Naqi and the PBF secretary were suspended recently in a special general body meeting of the PBF held at Islamabad recently and an enquiry committee was formed to probe the affair. It was alleged that Pakistan badminton team participated in Scottish Welsh and All England Championship during the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 without getting NOCs from the Ministry of Sports. A person Waqas, who accompanied the team to Scottish Open in 2006, had alleged that he had paid Rs.0.6 million to PBF people for getting UK visa. Mohsin had been advised to explain his position on the above mentioned allegations. One Muhammad Qureshi, who accompanied Pakistan team to Canadian Masters last year, allegedly never came back from the tour. The PBF said that all the facts and names mentioned in the charge sheet were taken from the files of the PBF. Most of the time, players got visas for the English Championships but they never participated and thus they were penalised later bringing bad name for the PBF and the country. It was alleged in the charge sheet that the PBF secretariat had helped different persons in getting visas for different countries and many of them had no national ranking. For example, a three-member team all related to each other, was selected for Australian Masters in 2009. Two are bothers and the third one is brother-in-law of Mir Tahir. The three were Mir Tahir Ishaque, Nadeem Ishaque Mir and Muhammad Tayyab Qureshi, the last two named allegedly did not participate in any event organised by the PBF. Pakistan sent a seven member team to Canadian Masters tournament in 2009. The seven were: Raja Azhar Mehmood (Manager), Hafiz-ur-Rehman (Coach), Mir Tahir Ishaque, Nadeem Ishaque Mir, Muhammad Qureshi, Syed Habib Alam, Ali Nawaz Shah. Allegedly Muhammad Qureshi never came back from the tour. A nine member team went to the World Championships in Spain in early October of 2009. Umer Aftab was named coach but his name is not familiar in badminton circuit. The nine are: Raja Azhar, Syed Habib Alam, Mir Tahir Ishaque, Nadeem Zafar, Tayyab Sohail, Aftab Ahmad, Iqbal Ahmed Khawaja, Ch. Muhammad Aslam Feroze (Manger), Umer Aftab (coach). A five member team was granted permission to appear in World Master Games Sydney (13th October2009). The team was: Mir Tahir Ishaque, Nadeem Ishaque Mir, Shahjahan Luqman, Pervaiz Butt, Mujahid Hussain Khan. The team was picked without trial. Iftikhar Hussain and Atif Nadeem were hand picked without trial for Canadian International in 2009, it was alleged. The charge sheet alleged that a seven member team went to USA to appear in International Badminton Championships in 2010. The interesting fact about this tournament was that not a single Pakistani player was included in the draws list of the tournament and their NOC was recommended by the Secretary PBF. It is also very interesting that in spite of cancellation of NOC, the persons succeeded in getting the visa of USA. The team was: Mir Tahir Ishaque, Pervaiz Butt, Mujahid Hussain Khan, Nazir Ahmad Tahir Manager\\Coach, Sheikh Shakkir, Ms. Nabila Dar, Ms. Afshan Shakeel. A five member team was picked without trials for the Canadian Grand Prix 2010. The team was Saima Waqas, Rabia Umber, M. Waqas, Numan Sikander, Antique, Mudassar Khan. The players sent by PBF for the World Championship 2009 in Spain, after getting the visa did not participate in the above tournament and thus they were fined 586 Euros. To save them from fine, the PBF sent an email to the Spanish Badminton Federation about an accident of the team. Waseem Butt, Muhammad Azhar and Naeem Bijli, all employees of New Khan were sent as managers of Pakistan team.