The U.S. is launching a new program to provide 21 days of work to approximately 4,800 households in Swat that will help quickly infuse cash into local economies and repair flood-damaged infrastructure. In each target community a tool kit is being distributed that includes wheelbarrows, crow bars, shovels, hoes, hammers and steel pans. With these tools, the teams are working to construct roads and repair bridges in flood-damaged areas. These short-term jobs will allow workers to purchase much needed food and supplies in local markets, spurring economic regeneration and early recovery, according to US embassy spokesman. The United States has provided more than $150 million in emergency humanitarian assistance to the people of Pakistan. In support of the Government of Pakistan, the current U.S. flood relief priorities are to reach those in inaccessible areas and provide them aid, assure the current flood emergency is not compounded by a health crisis, and utilize all appropriate USG resources efficiently and effectively.