WASHINGTON A delegation of Pakistani military officers, travelling to the United States Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Florida, decided not to take the flight at Dulles International Airport outside Washington in protest against inappropriate behaviour of security men and airline staff. The nine Pakistani officers, on an official visit to the United States, came out of the United Airlines Flight 727 after a passenger refused to fly in their presence, saying he had heard some odd remarks, according to informed sources. The flight crew called in security and arguments developed with the Pakistani officers when they decided not to take the flight. Members of the delegation, led by a two-star general, who were offended by their treatment, cancelled the Central Command meeting on Tuesday, a Pakistani official said. The delegation has also decided to return to Pakistan. The Pakistan official said the Defence Department officials had apologised for the incident. Meanwhile, Pakistanis are being singled out for security checks at airports and on flights. Last week, a Pakistani couple was interrogated in San Francisco when a flight attendant on board American Airlines Flight 24 told police that two people who happened to be from Pakistan were acting suspiciously, according to press reports. The police and FBI agents approached the Pakistani couple, handcuffed them and escorted them off the plane. The reports said it was a flight attendant, who pointed them out after learning of the possibility of a hijacking. We treat everyone as a suspect until we determine otherwise, police spokesperson Lt Lyn Tomioka was quoted as saying. Several passengers were interviewed yesterday, everyone was released, there were no arrests but for some reason two people more than others alerted the flight crew suspicion. Former FBI agent Rick Smith says they take no chances when things are uncertain. When they show up on the plane and someone provides information discussing specific passengers, then they are going to scrutinise that even more, Smith said. The Council on American Islamic Relations has been keeping an eye on the incident to see if there was any racial profiling by the crewmembers.