ISLAMABAD Apparently adjusting the domestic petroleum products tariff with the international crude oil fluctuation during the outgoing month, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has fractionally lowered motor gasoline price while jacking up the price of diesel oil. According to a notification of the OGRA issued late Tuesday night, the Motor Spirit or Supreme Petroleum would be sold at Rs 67.26 a litre some Rs 0.48 down from Rs 67.74 reflecting a decline of mere 0.7 percent. The Supreme Petroleum fell by one percent in the Arab Gulf petroleum market while the domestic consumers were given 0.7 percent relief only perhaps due to the exchange rate adjustments. HOBC the elitist fuel also came down fractionally by 0.6 percent from Rs 80.34 a litre to Rs 79.85 a litre after reduction of mere Rs 0.49 a litre. Both of the commoners fuels namely the Kerosene Oil and Light Speed Diesel were jacked up by 1.1 percent and 2.2 percent respectively. Kerosene would be sold now at Rs 65.57 a litre as against previous price of Rs 64.85 a litre. Similarly, the Light Diesel Oil would be sold at Rs 62.67 per litre as against earlier rate of Rs 61.35 per litre. Since the state-owned Pakistan State Oil still enjoys monopoly over the high-speed diesel oil therefore, its price would also go up accordingly but it was not included in the OGRA notification. The new prices would be effective from September 1, 2010 till the end of the month. Analysts believe that the OGRA did not pass on the entire benefit accrued on account of substantial decline in international crude oil market as the cash starved Government hardly affords to do so in letter and spirit.