Tube wells worth millions which were installed by the Local government of Islamabad in slum areas are out of order while sense of agitation has been prevailed among the inhabitants. The metropolis local government has expanded number of developmental projects across the city and in outskirts, however, the maintenance system is deplorable due to the negligence of the authorities and concerning staff. The locals of several rural areas including Bobri, Mara Begwaal, Pind Begwaal, Malout and other surrounding areas has installed tube wells. But later on they did not take care of it as a result they have become dysfunctional. More over, matters got worst when the Union Council Phool Gran denied to pay the electricity bill and said that this is the duty of locals to pay utility bills but later on they did not formulate any plan of water bills. Therefore, after several years now these areas are compel to bring water from far flung areas due to the negligence of concerning authorities. It has also been reported that due the carelessness of the staff the pipelines, electric meters and other devices of tube wells have been stolen by unknown persons. The residents have demanded that action should be taken against the responsible of these areas while water and electricity problems should be resolved immediately.