After allegations against Pakistani cricketers in the England media, it was sad to hear Prime Minister of Pakistan saying that he had to hang his head in shame at these allegations. But the charges are still not proven and investigations on. Many former cricketers like (oh-so-annoying) Sarfraz Nawaz and some of our parliamentarians like Jamshed Dasti (the fake degree-holder) are criticizing Pakistani cricketers so far on the basis of mere allegations. It would have been better if those who are out to condemn or criticize the players right now wait for a while for completion of the inquiry. England Captain Andrew Strauss was being very proper when he said, Its just so hard to say with incomplete information at this stage when asked if he was happy to carry on playing against a team that had been accused of deliberately underperforming. These are only allegations for now, we must remember, and nothing is proved as yet. After statements from Prime Minister, former players and others, the morale of Pakistani team must have been very affected which is good news for the English media that always fabricates stories of this kind whenever Pakistan team visits England. Whether it is the reverse-swing scandal of the two Ws or the ball-tempering incident at the Oval or the spot-fixing which they have done now, the English media comes up with something on every tour. The people must learn to shut their mouths while the investigations are on. -MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, August 30.