Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday pledged to take across the board action against anti-social elements without showing any leniency to them for restoring peace to Karachi. The prime minister said this while addressing a large gathering of people including notables of the area, party workers and office bearers at the Circuit House in Multan. The prime minister said that any criminal, terrorist, or militant if found guilty of killing innocent people in Karachi would be sternly punished. The PM also strongly criticised land grabbers and extortionists. He said the land grabbers should vacate the state land within one month, otherwise the government would have to act to get its property vacated. The state land was the property of the government and the trust of Pakistan and its people. Gilani said that we would not tolerate militant wing in any party. The PM said that Islam preached brotherhood and love and it gives the message of peace. He said that Islam had never supported terrorism or extremism. He said that some elements who were only a few in number were trying to hurt the true image of Islam through their nefarious activities.