Former chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and incharge Internal Security ISI, Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed said that the success of Iran lies in the support of the people that the Iranian government enjoys, IRNA reported on Thursday. Because of strong leadership Iran is progressing in every field especially in science and technology, said the analyst. Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed added Iranian leadership and people have decided to face difficulties but refused to yield before western pressure. Unity of the Iranian people is their strength, he opined. He said Iran because of its struggle has become a key power in the region and Islamic world. Being a neighbor development of Iran is very important for Pakistan, believed the analyst. I salute the Iranian nation for becoming an excellent example for other countries of the world, he said. Mr. Ahmed said Iran has become self-sufficient in all fields. He was of the view that the Iranian government is following an independent foreign policy keeping in front their national interests. He added Iran has been progressing in social, economic and military sector. The analyst said that US is against Iran because the Islamic Republic is not accepting its pressure. America is against all those countries which are following independent policies and trying to use their resources, he said. Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed advised the Iranian government to remain vigilant against American evil designs. He said that all Muslim countries should follow the footsteps of Iran and do not become tools in the hands of western countries. To a question regarding awakening in Islamic world, the analyst said that people of all Islamic states want Islamic systems to be followed in their countries. They should continue with their revolutions against despotic leaders despite American designs, said the analyst. He said that US trying to hijack movements in Middle East and they want to capture resources of all Muslim countries. He urged all Muslim countries to be united to counter anti-Islam conspiracies. Brig (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed has fifteen years of intelligence career. He served as director in charge of Internal Security ISI for several years in Islamabad and later director general of Intelligence Bureau (IB).