It is a given that most Pakistanis, with access to television, understand the great game at play by Faisal Raza Abidi. He gets daring by the day and uses more and more foul language which, coupled with histrionics and his ability to froth at the mouth, make people listen to him. It seems extremely important for Faisal Abidi to be hauled in for contempt of court and thus he appears to be frustrated to no end that the SC has opted to ignore his dramatics.

Had the SC not done so, this new case would surly take some attention away from the PM’s case of the letter to Switzerland and that was the whole plan. Nobody is buying into the dismissal of Abidi from the inner circles of PPP as in four and a half years the people have become used to the ’modus operendi’ of the powers that rule and know that some things are done just for effect.

However, the fact remains that justice must be seen to be done in the case of Arsalan Chaudhry. Whether he is guilty as accused in the case with Malik Riaz or not, he has always managed to embarrass his father. It was another thing to do so in the days of Musharraf, when a lot of the things on Musharraf’s list of misdoings by the CJ pertained to this very black sheep of a son. The lawyers movement for the restoration of rule of law and the subsequent reinstatement of the CJ as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should have changed some things for Arsalan. Instead, it seems quite evident that he became open for exploitation. Even though not an iota of doubt has been cast on the CJ personally, yet, some of his aura has lost some shine because of Arsalan.

The one man commission in the shape of Dr Shoaib Suddle has been tasked to bring out the truth in the Malik Riaz-Arsalan case. It is extremely important for the SC to do justice in this case for its own sake and to do it in a short span of time. Punishment must be awarded to the guilty. One keeps hoping that someone in the echelons of power in our state institutions will set a new trend and put the considerations of fair play ahead of self and family. Why is the wish to be known as the person who did the right thing by the country so difficult for Pakistanis and, thus, so non-visible in them? To be cited as an example and to be emulated and eulogised forever just does not seem to cut it with anyone, barring Fukhru Bhai!

As we continue to struggle to put out the horrible fires of sectarian divisions that ignite without reason or warning, we also hear continuous stories of sexual harassment and abuse of women. An educated, working woman was thrown out of her hostel accommodation by a government officer of the Health Services Academy in Islamabad recently. The saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned has been reversed here. This particular gentleman got her the living space thinking she would be easy game and also assumed that she would be ready to accept his advances in return. When the lady in question refused to Tango, he had her room locked up when she was away and caused her to be evicted. This is a very common phenomenon that working women face, despite the harassment bill having been passed. I certainly hope an example will be made of this officer now that the story has come to light.

Postscript: As September dawns and we leave the tedious summer heat behind, things begin to get busy with a new season. The pace of work picks up everywhere and people like us, who manage events, start getting assignments afresh.

The flavour of the month in the capital is Asad Umer, part of PTI’s dream team, that rolled out the party’s economic policies and plans recently. He has brought such a completely new and fresh approach to his subject and exudes brilliance, confidence and positivity. He speaks both convincingly and from the heart. As somebody who does not know him, I tend to believe in him and he also gives me a feel-good about the future of this country. The fact that he is an army brat convinces me further that the average offspring of most men in uniform (at least the army that was) grow up to be more level-headed than their civilian counterparts, for some reason. Just for this fact alone that the PTI gives us hope, a lot of people will cast their votes in their favour. Another first for the party are the declared assets of its top leadership on their website. Slowly but surely, we are inching forward towards accountability and the sort of democracy that we want.

    The writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad.