The Punjab government’s activism evident in running an eradication drive against dengue, hepatitis, apart from its interest in doing up the battered primary education infrastructure is praiseworthy. So far as dengue is concerned, whose spectre alone is enough to give the masses sleepless nights, it has been contained to a considerable extent. Satisfactory arrangements in the hospitals are in place while fumigation is also underway. It is an inescapable reality that this year, the awareness campaign among the citizens has stacked the odds against the virus; it will hopefully make matters a lot easier if the people are themselves able to keep the mosquito at bay. The Dengue Day being observed across Punjab on September 2 would make for increased awareness about how to contain and eliminate the disease. Our public hospitals in terms of latest equipment and round-the-clock availability of treatment have been under the watchful eye of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz as part and parcel of his commitment to beef up the healthcare system.

It is also good to know that a fatal disease, Hepatitis, is in his cross-hairs and hopefully like dengue it too will be controlled owing to the ongoing movement. Education also figures high in his scheme of things; Danish schools speak for themselves as well as technical education that is specifically geared to root out unemployment and produce engineers and technical workforce. A dire need though is being felt that the state of the neglected government run elementary schools in far flung areas is also put in order.