The decision by executive committee of NAB to probe alleged financial irregularities amounting to $ 1 million of US taxpayers’ money by Rafi Peer Theatre reflects its priorities and concerns. It is a welcome move, but will the NAB order a probe into other irregularities amounting to billions of dollars of Pakistani taxpayer’s money which are allegedly unaccounted for, or have been misused. Pakistan’s industry is in a standstill because of electric power and energy shortages, our air, rail and road public transport system is in a mess, so is our law and order. Why should the NAB not probe into the abuse of so-called discretionary funds and powers by our public officeholders, such as the donation from taxpayer’s kitty of $ I million to a dargah located in India, or alleged hiring of escorts by VVIP on his foreign tours and paid for from the state funds, the frequent private visits to UK, USA, France and Dubai using state funds, and allotment of numerous state land and expensive plots to paid servants of the state for performing services for which they are paid for. The 30,000 poor Hajis who were forced to live on roads exposed to the elements, seem to have been subjected to this humiliation by unseen forces, because not a single officer or minister has been held responsible because of doctored prosecution, yet the NAB seems to be not bothered. What purpose does this NAB serve?


Lahore, August 30.